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  3. My mind continues to wander and wonder.

    I seem to only want to be in the sea, or near the sea, or hearing the sea, or smelling it. It’s so hard to know when it’s time to take a leap. It’s so hard to read back on over a year’s worth of pondering and think, I didn’t make that move. I don’t want to feel like anything is a waste, but it’s hard not to sometimes. But I do know that the thing to do is not to dwell but to take a step in the direction you want your life to go.

    This weekend was a long bike ride in North Fork. I was both good to (biking, sunshine, swimming) and bad to (jelly beans, beer, chips, soft serve) myself. “On par”.

    Ever since Canada I am just trying to keep my thoughts and heart open. I want to be brave, I want to live the life I want to live.

    So much to think about.

  4. thank you.

  5. it’s really spring!

    i feel change in the air.

    change can be hard, especially for someone like me. as much as i require things to always be dynamic and new and interesting, i seem to also want to know who/what/where at all times in order to feel content.

    i was reading through some things i wrote when i was in scandinavia almost two (!) years ago. one of the greatest things i took away from that experience, even while it was happening, was this ability to just let things happen, to feel comfortable with change. i have maintained some of that, but am currently realizing i still have a long way to go.

    where do i want to be, what do i want to be doing?

    change can inspire!

    change is why i love to travel, NEED to travel and shake things up. i know i could be on the verge of trying new things, experiencing new things, challenging myself in new ways…. etc. but it’s the CHANGE that makes me scared. the fear of the wild unknown.

    this sunshine and blooming of everything is at the very least giving me somewhere to go and something pleasant to experience even if i just need a few minutes’ break.

    change, in a good way.

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    South Africans relax on a sunny, cabana-lined beach in Cape Town, South Africa, August 1953.
    Photograph by Dr. Gilbert H. Grosvenor, National Geographic



  8. With this new pink moon, some very new notions.

    Last night I found myself at a free REI lecture about the Appalachian Trail.  Your usual cast of New York City characters were predictably in attendance. The most boiled down information via Powerpoint.  At the very least I felt further inspired (if not further informed). I have been reading so much about thru hiking these last weeks but actually hearing from someone who did it and fell in love with the experience was good for my soul and helps to solidify a reality that this is something I could actually plan to do. The fact remains that I would need to wait a year to get my act together and sort practical matters. I have never planned something so far in advance and wonder if my momentum will remain. 

    In the meantime my wanderlust has been reignited and I found myself, again, returning to a note I wrote to myself weeks ago to investigate Mount Kilimanjaro. Some emails have been sent, I’m already narrowing down preferred routes. Who knows?

    These things aren’t free and neither is my time. But it feels so good to have an adventure taking shape in the near or distant future (or both).


  9. Yellowstone National Park, June 1940.

    I could waste a day this way. And almost did this way.

    (Photograph by Edwin L. Wisherd, National Geographic)


  10. It’s been a tumultuous almost two weeks since the wicked monster moon. Every day that passes I feel I am more able to communicate or at least that I am existing in this world with two feet on the ground.

    Here i am. And as these things go, I am thankful to be here, happy to be alive, happy to think about enjoying all the things that life has to offer me. I am waiting patiently for my body brain and heart to catch up with me, but I have optimistic confidence everything will settle in its place.

    Because it always does… right?

    This was predicted to be a difficult time and it was. And it seems to be a time of great change and shift, not just for me but for everyone around me. I was advised months ago to trust the universe at this time: be graceful in the face of things coming to an end, open to possibility for what’s yet to come.

    i am trying to keep myself open, or at least to re-open slowly and see what I see. New thoughts and plans and dreams have been swirling and forming, not coalescing just yet but …soon?

    I know that this is what I have right now, this is where I am.

    One step at a time.